Numipulator is an innovative number manipulator and calculator from TopAccolades Ltd.  Numipulator enables you to carry out calculations on individual numbers and on lists of numbers, to determine properties of lists of numbers and to manipulate lists of numbers.  In many ways you should find it easier to use than a calculator or a spreadsheet.  Numipulator also lets you generate and format tables, both in text and graphical form.

The main components of Numipulator are numipulation boxes.  These are modelled on the way you probably first learned to carry out addition, subtraction and so on at school.  There, you probably laid out a simple calculation something like this:

   45 + 

That is, the inputs were placed underneath each other, a line was drawn, and the result was put underneath.  The operation to be carried out was also made clear (+, or addition, in this case).

A numipulation box is essentially a computerized version of this.  For example, a numipulation box for carrying out simple operations on two numbers, such as addition and subtraction, looks like this, where the operation is selected from a drop-down menu:

Number Operation

Once the inputs have been entered, and the operation selected, an = button (Calculate) may be pressed;  the result is shown in the result field (as shown above).

The great advantage of this layout when compared to a calculator is that once the calculation has been carried out you see not only the result but also the inputs and the operation carried out.  You won't feel the need to repeat the calculation just in case you entered the wrong numbers or pressed the wrong operation key. 

A powerful feature is that the result of one numipulation box can be specified to be an input to another one (so, in the above example, the name A1 might be used as an input to another operation or function). Another key feature is that many numipulation boxes take lists of numbers as inputs, rather than single numbers, and can produce lists as outputs.

Numipulator is a significant system. For more details, and to try it out, go to: