TopAccolades specialize in the development of web-based products (built using Javascript) and in web-support packages.

From the menu on the left, you can see details of two products - CompactFun and BrainBoxFun - that comprise games, puzzles and brain-training exercises. CompactFun is suitable not only for PCs and laptops (Windows, Mac or Linux) but also for devices with compact screen sizes, such as netbooks and phones. BrainBoxFun is suitable only for the larger, more conventional screen sizes.

You will also find details of Numipulator, our novel number manipulator and calculator, which not only makes doing many mathematical calculations and manipulations easy, but also makes mathematics fun, with its graphical interface that can be used to create your own small games, puzzles and more serious applications.

The last product, TASiteManager, is a Windows-based application to support the design and management of web sites. This has been used for this web site.