CompactFun incorporates 26 games and puzzles and 10 brain training exercises that have been designed to be downloaded and used locally on devices with compact screen areas, such as mobile phones and netbooks as well as on standard laptops and desktop PCs (Windows, Mac or Linux). The games, puzzles and exercises are designed to be downloaded and used locally, running on your device's web browser, so that they will run on your device wherever you are, even without internet access, such as on a train or abroad.

They are wrapped up into seven licensed packages:
  • CompactPuzzles: 10 puzzles and challenges, including Rube Cube (our version of Rubik's invention), Solitaire (pegs), Numberskull (an original puzzle), WordSearch+, Hangman and other classics.
  • CompactGames: 11 games including ones to play against the computer (4-in-a-line and Rummy), original games (inc. Pentad and Linkword Snap - two original word games), and classics.
  • CompactSudoku: incorporating SudokuAssistant.
  • CompactBlocks: 4 games and puzzles involving falling or dropping blocks, including original ones.
  • CompactWords: 6 word/letter games and puzzles from CompactPuzzles and CompactGames.
  • CompactNumbers: 3 number-based games and puzzles from CompactPuzzles and CompactGames.
  • CompactBrainbox: 10 sets of brain training exercises. 5 levels of difficulty for each set.

You can find out more about CompactFun, try the packages and buy and download them at:

There, you will also find CompactFreebie - a free gift for you to download.