BrainBoxFun is designed to stretch your brain while having fun - and all on your PC.

It contains:
  • Brain Training Exercises (10 exercises with 5 levels, and profile storage for up to 6 people)
  • SudokuAssistant - great for those new to the puzzles or experienced solvers
  • 16 other games and puzzles
    • Games to play against the computer (4-in-a-line and Rummy)
    • New games and puzzles, including Pentad - a new letter and word game
    • Classic games and puzzles, including Rube Cube, our version of Rubik's invention, and Solitaire (pegs on a board), for both of which we also provide solutions and notation to help you remember them.

You can find out more about BrainBoxFun, try it, and buy and download it at: