Solitaire - Solution and Notation

Solitaire is based on the simple game played with pegs in a board (known as Solitaire in Great Britain and Peg Solitaire in the United States). The initial hole and peg layout (33 holes and 32 pegs) is known as the English layout (the European layout has more holes and pegs). 

The solution and the associated Wolstenholme notation to help you remember the solution, is best seen in the Peg Solitaire application from TopAccolades - an electronic version of Peg Solitaire.

You can find the online version of Peg Solitaire here. Tap on the Help button to see the approach to solving the Cube and the Wolstenholme notation. With the Peg Solitaire application you don't simply get the approach to solving the puzzle, but a means of putting it into practice.