Welcome to TopAccolades.

TopAccolades Limited is a UK-based company, established in 2001. We provide web-based products and services for individuals and businesses, and also entertainment in the form of puzzles and games. We also provide an IT consultancy service.

You can find out more about our products, services, entertainment offerings and consultancy by going to one of the main sections in the menu.

In the Products section, you can find out about CompactFun, a suite of packages that include a wide array of games and puzzles and also brain-training exercises. These are designed to run not only on various PCs, laptops and netbooks (WIndows, Mac and Linux), but also on certain phones. You can also find out about BrainBoxFun, which also includes games, puzzles and brain-training, but for larger screens only (not phones or netbooks).

Also in the Products section, you will find Numipulator, our novel number manipulator and calculator, which not only makes doing many mathematical calculations and manipulations easy, but also makes mathematics fun, with its graphical interface that can be used to create your own small games, puzzles and more serious applications.

In the Entertainment section, you can find out about some of our original puzzles, such as Cludoku and Numberskull, which we can produce for newspapers and magazines.

In the Personal Services section you can find out about our With-my-love service and how you can hire web sites for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and other significant events - web sites whose names reflect your feelings towards loved ones or friends.

The Consultancy section tells you about our consultancy services.

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